Monday, May 4, 2015

It Was Always You  
After dreaming of him for months, Candy can’t believe the 1Night Stand dating service has found a man fitting the description of her ideal lover. After all, her dream man is no other than A-list actor, Jared Harwell, and since she’ll never have him, she’ll settle for a close match. 

Shapeshifter Jared Harwell is ready to call it quits—his acting career and Hollywood lifestyle—if he can find the mate he’s searching for. But, evidently, his perfect mate is only to be found in his nocturnal dreams and the closest he’ll ever get to her is with the help of Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand service. And even then, it’s only one night with a fantasy lookalike. 

Will that be enough time for Candy and Jared to realize dreams truly can come true?


“Did you deliver the letter as instructed?” Jared leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms, and stared up at his personal assistant, who leaned against the doorjamb. Jared had planned the date to the last detail and wanted everything perfect.

“You know I did.” James pushed away from the door, shoved his keys in his pocket, and sat across from his best friend. “It’s a good thing she agreed to it. Meeting her in Ottawa fits into your busy schedule perfectly.”

“Yes. Being up there for a few days at that romance thing gives both of us some downtime, too. It works out well. I can spend a time in the country unwinding before and after.”

“You’ll probably need it after a day in a room full of oversexed women.”

Jared stared at his best friend and raised a brow. “I seem to recall you used to like situations like that.”

“That was before you got famous, and speaking of that, I don’t know why you don’t tell your date who you are right off the bat.” Jamie shrugged. “Any lass would be lucky to have you for the night, if you ask me.”

Jared shook his head and sighed. He wished he’d known it would be more bother than it was worth before he’d set himself on this path. James never understood the problems he faced with his celebrity status. Not that it mattered a hell of a lot. He only had another five years at most before he had to quit. Otherwise, someone would notice he never aged.

Sometimes he wondered what it would be like to be able to return to a life of anonymity. A life where he could be certain a person stayed in his life because they cared about him, not because of what he could do for them.

“And I have no doubt in my mind she would think the same. I want some time to get to know her before she finds out who I am. I want her to see the man, not the movie star. Is that too much to ask?” It didn’t really matter. He only had the one night with the woman.

Why did others find it so difficult to understand he wanted his date to like him for himself, not what he could do or buy for them? He was never certain of the real reasons a girl dated him. Did she really like him, or did she just find his bank account attractive?

In a perfect world, he would meet and marry someone who had never heard of Jared Harwell. However, that would be next to impossible. His face was on too many magazines and on too many TVs to remain anonymous for any length of time.

He had employed the 1Night Stand agency to set up the little fantasy for him to keep his anonymity. He needed to let off some steam with a female he found hot before he went on the hunt for the perfect Hollywood wife. He never had understood the media’s habit of attacking a woman because of her size. So what if he found heavier women attractive? It should be his business and no one else’s. Still, Jared knew he couldn’t subject a woman, especially a woman who he might come to care about, to such heartless bastards.

“I don’t suppose so. But if you want my opinion, she isn’t the kind of chick to go for you just because you’re famous. She asked for someone fitting your description. That should count for something.”

“You just don’t get it, do you? I’m probably her fantasy.” Jared snorted and ran his fingers through his hair. “God, that sounded conceited, didn’t it?”

He hated celebrities who let their fame go to their heads. Though, he wasn’t sure he hadn’t become one of them over the last few years.

Pushing away from his desk, he stood. “I don’t think it’s too much to ask that I make sure the person I intend to spend time with, even for one night, wants me for me. Do you?”

Monday, April 27, 2015

Shades of Green

Shades of Green
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Thal has never realized how boring her life as a nymph is until a group of ogres kidnap her and her kin. When she manages to help her friends and family escape captivity, she never expects to run into two men and three leprechauns intending to save them, as well. 

When Kiran and Gaige mount a rescue with three unlikely partners, they couldn’t be more surprised to realize that one of the tiny nymphs is their mate. Has Mother Nature played a nasty joke on them, or is there more to the tiny lass than what they see?

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Tigers Like It Hot

Who knew shape shifters exist and they adore curvy, full-figured women?

When Jessi decides to leave her home town for the second time, she and her best friend Kelly devise a plan. They’ve researched six different towns, they’ve drawn the orders of their visits from a hat and they’re determined to stick to the new path they’ve set out for themselves.

When Gareth and Mac set out in search of a mate, they didn’t expect company in the form of two unwanted tag-along friends, and they certainly didn’t expect their sort of well-laid plans to grind to a screeching halt in a town they had never even heard of before.

How did they all end up in the town dubbed Halloween town for the week when none of them had even planned to stop there for anything more than lunch?


“That’s it! I’ve had it.” Jessi snarled as she stalked into the apartment she shared with her best friend, Kelly. “I’ve had it. I am so out of here. Just watch how fast I’m outta here. Your head will spin.”

Throwing her purse on the couch, she stomped to the coat closet and pulled her suitcases out. One by one, she dragged them into her room and hefted them up onto the bed. After hoisting the last one up, she unzipped them and started pulling her dresser drawers out, which she unceremoniously dumped into the open bags.

“What’s the matter?” Kelly leaned against the door frame, her arms crossed, a little crease between her brows. “What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving. That’s what I’m doing.” Jessi waved her hand above her head. “I’ve had it up to here with Billy’s innuendo and Bobby’s pawing. Let them find some other girl to torment. I’m not taking it anymore.”

Tears burned her eyes as she thought about leaving home again. It wasn’t the town she would miss. It was Kelly who would fill her thoughts as she drove away, leaving this town in the dust for the last time. At least she wouldn’t leave Kelly penniless. She’d managed to invest her way into a sizable bank account over the years. While she had a larger bank account than Kelly’s, it wasn’t much larger. The money she’d saved and invested for them both over the time she’d lived and worked in the city, if they continued to invest it wisely, would last the rest of their lives.

“I should have known that I could never come home.” She dashed the tears away with the back of her hand. “Why can’t those jerks just leave me alone?”
For whatever reason, the people in town, mainly the guys she grew up with, wouldn’t forget her wild youth. They reminded Kelly of it constantly. What had made her think that she would be any different?

Every person in town was guilty of doing something they weren’t proud of doing when they were younger. Yet, they constantly reminded her that she wasn’t perfect, and she wasn’t wife material. She and Kelly were good enough to screw any man in town—not that they would do that anymore—but they drew the line at a one-night-stand. Apparently, the men in town had never made it into the modern world. They still held their women to different standards. Jessi hated that.

So what that she’d had low self-esteem when she was younger? What difference did it make that she had done the very thing that every man in town had done at one time or another in their adolescence.

“I just can’t take it anymore.” Jessi shook her head and sighed. A year was already too long to put up with that crap. “This time when I leave, I’m never coming back here.”
Jessi stared at the clothes haphazardly piled in her bags. Her shoulders drooped at the thought of losing her best friend, yet again. She turned to Kelly. “I’ll miss you.” Her voice cracked as she barely kept herself from bawling. She felt like she did fifteen years ago, all over again.

“No you won’t.”

“What do you mean, I won’t miss you? Of course, I will! You’re my best friend.” Did Kelly think she didn’t really care?

“You won’t miss me because…” Kelly paused, then grinned. “I’m going with you this time. If you think I’m going to let you leave me here again, you’re out of your cotton pickin’ mind.”

“B-but why would you leave your home, too?”

Kelly tilted her head and stared at her with a frown. “Do you think those asshats treat me any differently than they treat you?” She shook her head. “I’m sick to death of it, too.” She sat up, clapped her hands together and grinned. “I say we get the hell out of this little Podunk town and find a place where we can really live!” She headed for the doorway, presumably to go pack. “When does our adventure begin?”