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When a Good Angel Falls ~ Savanna Kougar

Let’s see now, what is magical about August 13, 2008 ~ it’s Wednesday the 13th, not Friday the 13th, which may be a very magical day for some, especially if your story is halloween spooky with lots of naughty tricks or treats.
August is an 8 month in numerology, meaning all things material, money and what looks good, or appearance makes the woman or man. The day is a 4 (1+3) which denotes stability, the four corners or what you build a future on, whether an event or a decision. This is a 1 year ~ numero uno ~ ‘we are number one’ is the attitude.
What does it all add up to in numerology? This is a 4 day (8+4+1 = 13 = 4). So NOT my best numbers, yet very magical in the realm of the practical, bringing forth a stable future and making good decisions.
Okay, what’s really magical about the day for me is ~ ta-da! This is my release day for When A Good Angel Falls. This story is truly a labor of love on several levels, especially on a the spiritual level, for me.
Being an avid listener of Coast-to-Coast am, night talk radio, famous for its paranormal topics ~ the subject of 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar ~ is one of the hottest conversations going, and only gets hotter as we come closer and closer to what some people refer to as the endtimes.
So, what if? What will occur on that magical and mystical winter solstice date of December 21, 2012 ~ that final day of the Mayan calendar?
Well, I’m here to tell ya, my imagination couldn’t resist the fun of answering that question. No, indeedy, my muse was transformed into a crystal ball, and I forged ahead into the mists of the near future.
And thus, When a Good Angel Falls was born. This is Sedona and Volcano’s story as they travel to Maya Toga Days in LA.
Truthfully, this story was not only a delicious adventure and a fun passionate love story to write, it was also darkly disturbing, since all is not angel brightness in our world. The dark force rises just like Darth Vader rose to power in Star Wars. And that is the evil Sedona and Volcano must overcome to save Earth for humanity.

Blurb: When a Good Angel Falls
Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012 – The end of the Mayan Calendar
What happens when a world weary, worn out incarnated angel, Sedona, who believes she is merely human has three choices after her old van breaks down? Let the Nazerazzi squad of the North American Union capture her and force her into a FEMA concentration camp? Walk out into the Arizona night desert, let the wildlife have a good meal, with the hope her death will be quick? Or does Sedona trust the mysterious stranger suddenly before her? Handsome as sin and all in black, he emerges from the darkness astride a super-speed black motorcycle.
Is he her savior from the brutal hell of end times, or is he a roving cult member of the New World Order, hunting his next blood sacrifice?
Sent from heaven to help her save humanity, Zerr Dann knows the Divine is playing its last card on Earth.

Page Link ~ http://www.bookstrand.com/authors/savannakougar/wagaf.asp ~

What do you think ~ December 21, 2012, just another day? Just one more winter solstice...

Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ savannakougar.com

Red Lioness Tamed ~ spicy sci fi available from Liquid Silver Books, Molten Silver ~ http://liquidsilverbooks.com/books/redlionesstamed.htm ~ Untamed lioness lost in space
All Shades of Blue Paradise [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book I] ~ aristocratic fantasy of fiercest passion available from Siren Publishing ~ sirenpublishing.com ~ Which seductive shade of blue are you?
Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ stallion shifter adventure coming soon from Aspen Mountain Press
When a Good Angel Falls ~ 2012 adventure fantasy romance released on August 13 at ~ BookStrand Publishing ~ bookstrand.com ~ http://www.bookstrand.com/authors/savannakougar/wagaf.asp ~
Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book II] ~ aristocratic fantasy coming from Siren Publishing
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ 2051 futuristic coming from Siren-BookStrand

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Shfting Desires is Available

Beast Magic, by Sapphire Phelan

Cat's Claw, by Jude Mason

Purr For Me, by Skylar Sinclair

Publisher: Phaze

Release date: July 28. 2008

Genre: erotica, shape shifter, paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60659-056-0


Blurbs:Purr For Me by Skylar Sinclair:

Halloween provides the purrfect backdrop for shifter Panteara to assume her sleek, feline form. Mingling at a wild party, she’s looking for casual passion, but gets more than she bargained for when she meets another of her kind. Alpha lion Rourke is looking for a mate, and sets his sights on the lovely she-panther. Enjoy this sweet holiday treat from Skylar Sinclair.

Beast Magic by Sapphire Phelan:

They came from two different worlds. Ramses was a werelion. Shana Tory was human. The Dreaming foretold them as soul mates. So Ramses tracked her down in America, and when he found her, made her his and brought her back home with him to the South African Bushveld. But others from his pride, led by one evil lioness, do not want them together. Besides their lives, will their love survive the coming war?

Cat’s Claw by Jude Mason:

The death of a long time friend, leads Morgan Fields on an extraordinary quest into the backwoods where she finds love and so much more. Joshua Lansing, the son of her deceased friend helps her explore the heritage she never knew was hers.

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An Encore for A Song of the Sidhe - Jeanne Barrack

A Song of the Sidhe
Jeanne Barrack
ISBN 978-1-59578-493-3
Format: PDF, MS Lit, HTML, Rocket (rb), Mobipocket
Available at: http://www.liquidsilverbooks.com/books/asongofthesidhe.htm
With a new arrangement, more voices in the chorus, and a brand new cover!
The place: Ireland, a long, long time ago when the Sidhe walked among mortals Donal Bawn was the most handsome man in all of Tipperary with a voice that could lure the birds from the trees. But that all changed when he angered Ogma, High King of the Tipperary Sidhe. Doomed to wander as a hunchback with a voice as thin as a reed, Donal keeps to the forests away from human companionship until one day he hears a melodious female voice singing a fragmented tune over and over.
Ceoleen, a beautiful female of the Galway Sidhe has also been cursed for her vanity and foolhardiness. Blinded and exiled to a fairy ring deep in the woods, she can only repeat a broken phrase of music until that fated day when Donal finishes the song for her.
But their curses are only partially broken. It will take a great deal more than music to decide their fate.
Will their love be strong enough to finally free them?
In this scene we glimpse Ceoleen and witness the vain and foolish creature she once was.
County Galway—The Court of the Gaillimh Sidhe
Ceoleen gazed with little regret at the slumbering form of Lorcan, her soon-to-be-former lover. Her body ached from his clumsy lovemaking. She had accepted him into her bed because he had something of value to offer her. Now that she had what she wanted, she’d no more need of him. This last time, they had made love in the forest glade near her little cottage, so she wouldn’t need to air her sheets to remove his scent.
Quietly, she moved into the forest to ready herself for the day’s events. She knelt before a crystal-clear pool, admiring the vision she saw reflected in its still depths.
Long, curly hair, flaming as the sky at sunset, curved around her shoulders and fell to the forest floor, looping into intricate designs. Dipping her hand into the water, she flung the sparkling drops onto her hair to linger like diamonds amidst the strands.
She wet her lush, pink lips with the tip of her tongue, then bit down lightly to deepen their rosy color.
She sprinkled tiny beads of dew on the tips of her lashes to frame her brilliant emerald eyes.
Straightening, she ran her hands down her slim form, admiring the curves and swells of her hips and buttocks. Her silky-smooth skin delighted her senses. It seemed almost a shame to cover that perfect body with clothing. She compromised, bespelling a dress made of cobwebs, more revealing than concealing her figure.
On her dainty feet she wore slippers made from tough lily pond leaves.
She was ready.
Today she’d gain the rankings of Amhranai Ard—High Singer, and as An Te Aille—the Most Beautiful. That is, should she pass the tests.
But of course she would.
Who else in all the Gaillimh Sidhe was as beautiful? Who else sang as sweetly? Or composed the most melodious songs?
No one.
She flashed to the Great Hall to her seat near the High Table. Filling the hall were all the Gaillimh fairy, the highest ranks and lower. And waiting in the seat next to hers, Lorcan, his eyes red with rage.
“I knew you’d be here when I awoke to find you gone. Are you ready, Ceoleen deas, my sweet one? You know you could have had your place assured if you’d only grace my bed … forever.” He leaned toward her, his lips a searing breath away from her ear. “Should you become my mate, you gain my ranking as well.”
Ceoleen shifted away from him, casting a sneering look over her shoulder. “I need not your aid. I choose my lovers and whether I remain with them or not.” She rose and placed her hands on her hips, looking down at the handsome sidhe. “And you were not even an adequate lover. When I become Amhranai Ard, I’ll have my pick of all the fir-Sidhe, all the men.” She cupped her breasts, then ran her hands down her body, thrusting her hips in his face. “Look your last, Lorcan. You’ll never see me unclothed again.”
His voice croaked. “You took what I offered when I gave you the first three notes of the contest. You don’t need my aid now, but one day you will. And I will not give it.”
She laughed, shook her head and sauntered away, her hips swaying rhythmically.
Lorcan gnashed his teeth and whispered low. “You’ll regret this day. I’ll see you cursed before I let any fir-Sidhe become your lover.”
Ceoleen paused near the empty expanse in the middle of the Hall. Arranged in a circle, the twelve tables of the ard-Sidhe, the high Sidhe, formed the inner perimeter. Another row of tables, the mean-Sidhe, the middle Sidhe, made the second ring, and the iochtarach-Sidhe, the lowest Sidhe, the outer ring. Her place was in the second ring. One could only gain the inner circle through proving a talent or being a great beauty. Graced with beauty, Ceoleen had honed her talent as a singer and composer. Now she felt ready to display both.
Ailill, Ard Rí, High King of the Gaillimh Sidhe stood, and a hush filled the hall.
“This day marks the test for those who wish to ascend in rank. Let all contenders enter the circle and prepare for the challenge.”
Moving with eager step, Ceoleen slipped into the circle.
An audible gasp greeted her arrival. Scarce had there been seen a female of her beauty. The cocks of the fir-Sidhe hardened, and the eyes of the mna-Sidhe—of every female—narrowed with envy.
Ceoleen strode with confident steps into the very center, head held high. All eyes assessed her beauty, and none found her lacking.
Her gown did nothing to hide the flaming curls between her thighs, the sweet indentation of her navel, the swell of her hips, the pointy nipples and plump breasts. Her fiery hair tumbled wantonly down her back to her slim ankles. Her eyes flashed green sparks.
Every male present wished to take her and fuck her. Every female wished her dead or cursed.
A moment after she entered the circle, another slipped silently into the ring.
Scarce out of girlhood, straight, dun-brown hair curved to her shoulders. Soft blue eyes like the sky at mid-day gazed with awe at the High Sidhe. A slim figure, clad in a bleached gown of linen, a braided rope of vines around her waist, took her place next to Ceoleen. Her newly budded breasts barely lifted the fabric of her bodice. Her feet were bare. A sidhe of the iochtarach rank, she was not known to anyone.
Her fresh innocence called to the hearts of the fir-Sidhe there. Her shyness prompted the protectiveness of the mna-Sidhe.
Whose call was stronger? Ceoleen’s or the unknown contender?

Visit at
The Irish Realm of Fancy to learn more about my Irish based work at Liquid Silver Books

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It's 11:40 as I type this.

In thirty minutes, I'll be over at The Romance Bistro (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Romance_Bistro) for my big writing/publishing discussion bash. It runs until 7-ish eastern time, so please stop in if you can today. Ask a question about writing, publishing, my work, anything!

Faith Bicknell-Brown, Author and Editor
A.K.A. author Zinnia Hope

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Fire Demon & Feathered Flashes

Paranormal lovers, I thought I’d share this pic and comments from the Coast-to-Coastam website.
I took this picture at a wildfire in Vail, OR in August of 2007. My engine boss and I walked up the hill to greet the fire as it crept down toward the farmer's corral that our engine was assigned to protect. We were feeling the heat as this large juniper tree torched at the bottom of the draw. We stood less than 100 feet downhill when I snapped this picture. The flames were at least 80 feet high. As soon as I took the pic, I saw on my little screen this horned beast of the Nagual realm. His hand is outstretched toward me. He has the head of an elk, and it looks like he has some kind of satchel over his shoulder. I haven't ever seen a figure in fire as clear as in this photo, and it hasn't been edited in any way.
--David M Konyndyk

And for all of you who love the paranormal shifter genre, this is for you.
In honor of Celia Kyle's feather flash day at Liquid Silver's SEx blog ~ liquidsilverbooks.com/blog ~

Feathered Wings of Fire
by Savanna Kougar

Scrambling quickly up the small pile of red desert boulders, she shielded her eyes from the midday sun with one hand. Fascinated, she peered at the immense dark shape in the sky, unable to tell if it was a small plane or a humongous bird. Staring for all she was worth at the odd-looking shape, whatever it was, maybe even some kind of UFO, her breath hitched when it banked suddenly, then powerfully glided over the parched landscape. Wings, definitely giant feathered wings. Her breath jerked again and her heart drummed with wild elation. Probably just an enormous buzzard, though.
Still, a tiny, tiny thump of hope tingled in her breast as the magnificent bird grew larger, and seemed to head in her direction. Crouching, she fumbled for her camcorder inside her stuffed backpack, but no go, unless she was willing to take her gaze off the...mygawd! She straightened, sucked in a big fat breath, then forgot to breathe. Thunderbird, echoed in her mind. Thunderbird, it banged around like a large bouncing rock falling into a canyon. Thunderbirds, like the ones talked about on late night radio, the crypto sightings, the American Indian myths, the 1800's picture she’d Googled.
Like the one sighted in Alaska flying beside a Cessna. Of course, the pilot and passengers had freaked out huge time. "God, I hope so. I hope it’s a Thunderbird," she whispered, thinking if she spoke too loudly, it would frighten the legendary creature away. As the ginorous eagle-looking bird sailed closer and closer, her blood sang with excitement while trepidation curled her toes. "It could want dinner," she murmured, remembering the tales of monstrous nests containing human bones. Still, she stood her ground on top of the sun-baked boulder, and waited, greedily searching for every detail she could observe.
Brown mahogany, the giant wing feathers gleamed beneath the sun. Looking translucent, the tip edges shimmered with gold. As he flew closer his flight feathers streamed a golden flame of light. He. The ginormous eagle had to be a ‘he’. Sailing beneath the sun, he obstructed her view of the sky, and darkened the land around her with his shadow. Mesmerized, she watched his entire body glisten gold as if an ancient sky goddess poured gold dust over his dark feathers. Stunned by his sheer size, his incomparable glorious beauty, still, she couldn’t make herself believe he was a hallucination.
Aware her own body entered a state of paralysis, she did not care. Shifting his flight pattern, the Thunderbird creature rose, flying higher. Her heart nearly stopped, stabbed by raw disappointment. Come back, she desperately whispered inside her mind. Majestically he circled directly above her, catching inside his shadow as he languidly spiraled higher. She concentrated, memorizing his every winging movement. "Omygawd." Her throat closed in awe at what she witnessed. He sparkled with a fiery aurora of colors as he flew in slow motion. His entire body. Unable to take it all in, she dropped her hand, and blinked.
Then she shut her eyes. Forcing them wide again, she gasped, her breath ripping from her lungs. His tail feathers blazed, rainbows of fire flowing, jets of amazing color that put the brightness of the sky to shame. Thinking, Firebird....she felt her body fall backwards. Her mind blanked. When she emerged back into awareness, she felt strong arms around her. Incredibly strong arms. She blinked, daring her own eyes to open. Starting violently, she wondered how the strange gorgeous man held onto her. "You are here. As we previously arranged." His unique bold voice fire-stormed over her senses. "What?"

Feathery kiss from the Kougar...

Savanna Kougar ~ Run of the Wild Side of Romance ~ savannakougar.com

Red Lioness Tamed ~ spicy sci fi available from Liquid Silver Books, Molten Silver ~ liquidsilverbooks.com ~ Untamed lioness lost in space
All Shades of Blue Paradise [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book I] ~ aristocratic fantasy available from Siren Publishing ~ sirenpublishing.com ~ Which seductive shade of blue are you?
Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ stallion shifter adventure coming soon from Aspen Mountain Press
When a Good Angel Falls ~ 2012 angelic fantasy from Siren-BookStrand summer 2008 ~ Coming Soon page ~ http://www.bookstrand.com/authors/savannakougar/wagaf.asp ~
Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book II] ~ aristocratic fantasy coming from Siren Publishing
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ futuristic coming from Siren-BookStrand

Brain Dead by Tracey H. Kitts, Coming Soon

The following is an unedited excerpt from Brain Dead, by Tracey H. Kitts, coming in August from New Concepts Publishing.

On her way home Jane pulled in at the same gas station where she'd stopped earlier in the week. The same kind looking old man was behind the counter and waved to her before turning on the pump. Her heart fluttered just thinking about Luis and she dropped her keys again as she walked past the pump.

By the time she bent to pick them up Luis's long fingered hand covered hers.

"Allow me, mon cher," he said softly.

"Thank you," she said breathlessly.

He looked even better than she remembered. His long dark hair was pulled back tightly and he was wearing another pair of black leather pants. This time his shirt was the same deep blue of his eyes and his long coat also looked like leather. His perfect skin seemed to glow underneath the dim lights.

Jane could barely take her eyes off of him long enough to go inside and pay. When she walked back past him his sensuous lips curved into a smile. As lovely as his smile was, it unnerved her, so she quickened her paced and tried to ignore the way her stomach muscles twitched when he was close to her.

"Go dancing with me," Luis asked, catching her by the wrist.

Jane paused longer than she should have before saying, "I don't even know you."

"Yes, you do," he sighed. Then seeing the lack of recognition and fear in her eyes he added playfully, "We met a few nights ago. I'm Luis, remember? The man who's not going to mug you, but would love to take you dancing."

She laughed, and it did Luis's heart good. It had been a long time since he'd heard that sound. He smiled his appreciation, and his smile warmed her in spite of the cold night wind. Jane had never asked a man to go home with her, let alone a complete stranger. But she came damn close to doing just that.

"Were you just hanging around here, hoping I'd show up?" she teased.

"No," he laughed. "I ran out of gas just up the road, and I was returning Nelson's can."

As he said this he pointed to a small gas can he'd left beside the door. The old man inside, who must have been Nelson, waved his thanks and took the can back inside.

"Oh." Jane blushed, feeling stupid for her comment.

"But don't think I wouldn't have if I'd known I would see you tonight."

His voice was a seductive whisper and it carried on the wind like a caress.

"Alright, Luis I'll go dancing with you, but on one condition."

"What is that, ma chéri?"

"Tell me your last name."

"Luis Phillippe," he said as he bowed to kiss the hand he still held. "At your service. But you have yet to tell me your name." He smiled seductively.

She watched with rapt fascination as his sultry lips got closer and closer to the back of her hand. They were cool to the touch, but sent fire through her veins. Jane had removed her gloves after work, but Luis didn't seem to notice the scrapes across her knuckles.

"Jane Masters," she panted.

You can find out more about me and my books at http://www.traceyhkitts.com/


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Brothers at Arms - This vampire romance is getting great reviews!

Read the book that ParaNormal Romance calls "fast moving and very stimulating!" and Coffee Time Romance calls "an action-packed read."

If vampire romance intrigues you, Brothers at Arms is now available in ebook at All Romance Ebooks. The print release will be later this year.


Carpe Noctem,


For 250 years, the Arcée brothers have been in conflict. The vendetta between these two powerful vampires has shown no signs of resolve or waning. The concession made between the two is that the location of their ongoing war is moved every five decades to help prevent hapless mortals from discovering them. It was determined that the new locations would be chosen by a delegated Keeper, symbolized by a custom-made tarot card. Where the card goes, so do the Houses and also the war.

When the card changes hands, each house sends out Seekers, specially trained vampires who race against each other to be the first to discover the card’s new location. The first one to find the card and take control of the new keeper has the upper hand in the battle for that duration as they gain first foothold in the new city.

This year is a turning year. Julio Mendoza receives the card in the mail, unaware of its meaning. When he learns of the history of the card, he realizes he has been thrust in to a war that holds nothing for him, yet he cannot escape his fate. Still he will not accept his role meekly.

Michelle Bryson is a Seeker for the House of François Arcée. She is pitted against a ruthless rival from the House of Pierre Arcée to get to Julio first. Michelle is a young Seeker and if she fails to capture the Keeper, her life may be forfeited. What Michelle did not plan on was to find the Keeper to be a sexy, rebellious man who has a spirit in him unlike any Keeper she has seen in the past.

Julio knows the vampires are coming for him. He knows that he cannot hide forever. When the Seekers find him though, he cannot deny his attraction toward Michelle – an attraction that they will both pay dearly for if the Seeker from the House of Pierre Arcée has anything to do about it.


“They’re here,” Julio blurted out. He didn’t mean to say it so bluntly but his mouth moved before his thought process did.

“How do you know?”

“I saw the trucks at the house and saw people moving things inside.”

“We have to go over right away.”

“They won’t come here?”

“I think François would expect us to come there instead. He will want me to deliver the Keeper to him.”

“What am I now, a pizza?” Julio raised an eyebrow.

“Mmmm yes, with a big pepperoni!” She gave a deliberate glance to Julio’s crotch and smirked.

Julio was stunned. Did Michelle just make a dick joke? With as snippy as she had been the past few days, a teasing joke was the last thing he expected from her.

“Sorry.” She looked away from him since he didn’t laugh at her jest.

“You surprised me,” he admitted. The corners of his lips curled upward in to a small grin. “So, you like pepperoni pizza?”

“To be honest, I’ve never eaten a real pepperoni pizza.” With another glance at his crotch she said, “I do like your ‘pepperoni’ though.”

Julio’s grin broadened. “Yeah it sure likes you too.” He wouldn’t lie about that. Their romp had definitely pleasured him. He had assumed it was a fluke, but apparently he had made an impression on her.

“You should clean up a bit before we go over,” she advised. “Your hair is a mess.”

Julio paused. She’d changed the subject so quickly that it took him a moment to catch up. Apparently the teasing innuendos were at a close. He ran his fingers through his thick, ebony hair and nodded. “I suppose I could drag a brush through it.” He walked to the bathroom without another word, brushing his hair and putting on some more deodorant. Knowing the vampire olfactory senses were keen, he chose not to use cologne. He then went into the bedroom and changed his shirt to a less rumpled one.

When he came back out, Michelle was standing at the door, ready to go. As soon as she saw him she opened the door and walked out. Julio followed and turned to lock the door behind him. He heard Michelle gasp and turned to look.

A sleek, black car bearing California license plates pulled up in front of the house.

“Julio, go back inside, now.” Michelle instructed. Her voice was serious, brooking no argument.

Julio did not obey. He stood staring at the car, watching the doors open and four people get out of it. One of them was Luke. “I take it that isn’t the welcome wagon?”

“Not the one we wanted. Go back in, now. Do as I say,” her tone was more urgent.

Julio unlocked the door again and stepped through. He had noted the solemn expressions on the faces of the four who got out of the car. They were not here to make pleasantries. He drew the curtain back an inch or so and peeked out. The four walked up the driveway, approaching Michelle. He had to give her credit. She had guts to stand up to the four of them. Julio felt a pang of guilt at leaving her outside to fend them off alone. He remembered what she told him when she arrived. Vampires are stronger than humans. He would be no match for one of them, much less four. He couldn’t help but stay close enough to eavesdrop.

“Play time is over, Michelle,” Luke stated as they reached the porch. “I chose to let you think you had him. It is time to face the music.”

“Bullshit, Luke. I was here first, I claimed him. If you chose not to fight me for him, it just shows your own lack of balls.” She maintained her cool, defiant demeanor, even though inside it felt wrong to stand up to Luke that way. She knew he had balls, both literally and figuratively. Once upon a time, well, more than once, she had cupped those balls in her hand, fondling them gently. She had caressed them, evoking moans of pleasure from Luke. Now she felt like kicking him in those same-said balls. How could he still be doing this? How could he be standing here in front of her, trying to take what was rightfully hers?

As if reading her mind, Luke grinned salaciously. “I remember the days when you loved to play with my balls. I still recall the feel of your tongue on them.”

Julio’s eyes widened as he heard that. He gave a momentary thought of what it would feel like to have Michelle’s tongue slaking his balls and his body reacted accordingly. His dick began to harden and he found it difficult to concentrate on the vampires outside. He wanted them to just leave so that he could pull Michelle back in to his bedroom and find out just how good her tongue was.

© 2008 - Desirée Lee

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Deadly Vixens & Ghosts Oh My!

Let's talk about real life ghostly experiences. Come visit with me as I share a "shattering" experience in a haunted Victorian home in Arkansas.
Deadly Vixens & Ghosts! Oh My!

Magical Seduction of an Angel

2012 ~ What happens ‘When a Good Angel Falls’ ?
Being an avid listener of Coast-to-Coast am, night talk radio, famous for its paranormal topics ~ the subject of 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar ~ is one of the hottest conversations going, and only gets hotter as we come closer and closer to what some people refer to as the endtimes.
So, what if? What will occur on that magical and mystical winter solstice date of December 21, 2012 ~ that final day of the Mayan calendar?
When a Good Angel Falls, my novel coming soon from Siren-BookStrand, answers that question with Sedona and Volcano’s unusual love story.
Join me at Ann Cory’s Magical Seduction blog ~ anncory.com/blog ~ for a story blurb and to share your thoughts and insights about 2012.
I will choose ONE person who comments for a free fun angel mini-reading via e-mail. This means I pull one angel card for you, tune in to the wise words of the angelic realm, and e-send you the results.
Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ savannakougar.com
Red Lioness Tamed ~ spicy sci fi available from Liquid Silver Books, Molten Silver ~ liquidsilverbooks.com ~ Untamed lioness lost in space
All Shades of Blue Paradise [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book I] ~ aristocratic fantasy available from Siren Publishing ~ sirenpublishing.com ~ Which seductive shade of blue are you?
Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book II] ~ aristocratic fantasy coming from Siren Publishing
Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ stallion shifter adventure coming from Aspen Mountain Press
When a Good Angel Falls ~ 2012 angelic fantasy coming from Siren-BookStrand summer 2008
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ futuristic coming from Siren-BookStrand

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Devon Falls: Fiery Magic is here!

Devon Falls: Fiery Magic
Now available from Aspen Mountain Press
Author: Raine Delight
Paranormal Romance
Book 3 in Devon Falls Series

Damien Dracon is back in Devon Falls, and he is about to woo the one lady he left three years ago. Family secrets and youthful pride forced him to give up the one good thing in his life: the love of Alicia Stevens. What he doesn't expect is that Alicia has a secret of her own, and it may just tear them apart. Can two former lovers find it in themselves to forgive one another and let love grow between them? Or will past secrets haunt them and tear them apart? This 4th of July is about to get explosive in Devon Falls.

He strode down the sidewalk. The window of the Dew Drop glowed softly, and a shadow walked past the window. He jogged lightly across the street and almost fell through the glass pane at the sight of Alicia, weaving her way around the cases. He watched the way she moved, all fluid-like and with a grace that he could never find, no matter how hard he tried, in other women. Her reddish blonde hair was in a loose ponytail that he suddenly itched to take down. His eyes widened when her lush, voluptuous body had him aching to see her in all its natural glory. Hers was the most desirable body he had ever seen. The blood rushed to his cock straining the front of his jeans.
Whistling softly, he never thought she would grow up to be so voluptuous and sexy! It was quite an eye opener, especially when she bent over to clean the case of pastries and her jeans tightened around her rounded ass. Groaning at the vision in front of him, his blood burning with a need to possess; Damien tried to still his racing lust. My god, she is gorgeous and sexy. She's like a 50's screen bombshell, all rounded curves and long legs. What man wouldn't be lucky to have her as a mate and mother of his children?
Watching her dance to a tune only she could hear brought Damien's attention to the way she moved. She moved like a ballerina, yet was more graceful to his thinking, and as he watched her dance around the cases and tables, he found himself longing to dance with her. Thinking how her body would curve around his made him shudder with a hot need that had him rock hard and aching for something that he hoped he could experience again — if she didn't kick him in the balls first and then toss him out the door.
The lights dimmed, and then went off. A moment later, he heard a car start and drive off. He sighed at the loneliness he felt even more acutely. Damien resumed walking and sighed at the thoughts racing through his brain like a wild fire out of control. Why can't I just go in and talk to her? Am I being an utter ass thinking I am going to be welcomed with open arms by her? I have to see her, touch her, explain things, and hope she will forgive me enough to give us another try. This time I won't leave her and fly to parts unknown. I will do whatever it takes for her to trust me again and give me another chance. I know I screwed up big time but this time, I am going to fight for her and the love I hope is still there.
If you enjoy this one then grab the first two in the series: Sticky Magic (Babes in Toyland II Anthology) and Red Hot Magic now available from Aspen Mountain Press.
You can find the buy links at www.freewebs.com/raine_delight

Raine Delight
Devon Falls: Fiery Magic now available from Aspen Mountain Press
Can two people find a second chance at love or will secrets rip them apart?

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Eternal Press has hot new titles for July

Hey y'all!
Today is the launch of Eternal Press's July line up. Eight new sizzling titles for your summer entertainment!

Drop by the Eternal Press Reader's group to chat with us, read excerpts and participate for chances to win free books!


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Heart of the Bear

Hey there, Cindy Spencer Pape here. I write contemporary, paranormal, and erotic romance for The Wild Rose Press, Cerridwen Press, Ellora's Cave, and as of today, Total-E-Bound. My first book there releases today, and I'm very excited about this new series. You can click on the cover to check it out.

Heart of the Bear

Guardian Investigations, Book 1
by Cindy Spencer Pape
out 7/7/08
from Total-E-Bound

She can see into the minds of criminals, but can she find her way into the heart of the bear? Detective and psychic Hannah Lightfoot heads to her family’s mountain cabin to make some hard decisions about the future of her career. When she reaches the cabin she finds it already occupied—by a handsome naked stranger. Shape-shifter Evan Maddox is her brother’s friend and partner. After a night of unbelievable passion, they work together to rescue a kidnapped child. He believes in Hannah’s gifts, but can he trust her with his deepest secrets? Maybe even with his heart?


There was something in the air that night. I sat in my grandparent’s Simi Valley backyard and tried to meditate, but I couldn’t relax. My whole body tingled and twitched, like a storm was coming, though Southern California was in the middle of a drought. I’d come up here for advice, but all I’d gotten was more questions. I had three days left to make a decision about my future, and all I knew so far was that something was in the air. I felt it coming just like most people heard a freight train roaring towards them down the track. I couldn’t tell what was looming, but I was pretty sure it was going to hit me just as hard as the damn steam engine.

“You going to stay out here all night?”

I jumped at the voice, then I smiled. Not many people in this world can sneak up on me, even when I’m moping. My grandfather is one of them. Even at eighty-eight, he still has the stealth and psychic power that made him one of the most successful Navajo intelligence operatives in World War II. He put his arm around my waist, and I leaned into his shoulder, just like I’d done since I was a kid.

“No, Granddad. No answers in the wind tonight. I think I’m going to head up to the cabin for the weekend. Maybe the spirits will have more to say to me up there.” My grandfather had moved to LA to be a cop after the war, but he’d always needed to spend some time away from the city, so he’d built a cabin up in the Sierra Madres. Any of the family was welcome to use the place when we needed a retreat. And I needed one right now—big time.

Granddad nodded. “You be careful up there. Something—someone—is coming. I’d go with you if I could, little one, but you need to face this challenge alone. Call once in a while, and let your grandmother know you’re alive.”

I nodded. We both knew it wasn’t necessary. Nana was a Romany Gypsy. During the war, Granddad had rescued her from a German death squad who’d planned to burn her as a witch. Her psychic touch hadn’t faded in all these years. But calling to check in was only polite, and Nana would expect it.

“Listen to the winds, girl. Listen with your heart as well as your ears.” With that cryptic bit of advice, Granddad turned and walked back towards the house, whistling a tune. Damn, if it didn’t sound like Aerosmith. The old man never failed to surprise me.

If you enjoy this excerpt, there's more on my website and personal blog, Write Faster. Stop by, check them out, and leave me a note. I LOOOOVE notes!

Without Camouflage - FREE PDF

In my latest newsletter, I offered a free PDF to subscribers. I've decided that I'd like to offer it to some of the groups I belong to as well. The free e-book I'm offering is called Without Camouflage.

Genre: magic realism

Length: about 4,000 words

BLURB: Fran's on the run from a murderous ex-husband. Securing herself in a mountain cabin, she makes friends with her neighbor, Charlotte, a nature artist. Charlotte relays some Native American legends and leaves Fran one of her paintings as a gift, but when Fran's ex finds her, it takes more than a legend to save her life.

If you'd like a copy of Without Camouflage, just send an email to fbicknellbrown@ gmail.com (close the space) and put FREE PDF in the subject. I will email a copy of the story to you. The lovely Jambrea of my Avoid Writers' Hell group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Avoid_Writers_Hell) created a cover for it on very short notice. Thank you so much Jambrea! If you'd like to visit her, the ebook includes her info.

Also, I hope that some of you will sign up for my newsletter. I'll be offering free reads, excerpts, and contests, but I work very hard at publishing material in it that is unique from the traditional newsletters. Here's the link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bickbrownZHnewsletter

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Summer blessings going your way,

Faith Bicknell-Brown a.k.a. Zinnia Hope

Managing Editor of WildChildPublishing.com/Freyasbower.com

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Aristocratic Fantasy or Kick-Ass Lioness

Aristocratic Fantasy ~ Open the door to Blue Paradise
Meet Lady Sheridan & Baron Zaggry
All Shades of Blue Paradise [World of the Blue Pearl Moon 1]
eBook by Savanna Kougar
eBook Category: Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Destiny and love can be denied for only so long...Except for her daring equestrienne competitions, Lady Sheridan lives a quiet life caring for her family's estate, staving off financial ruin and keeping her brother's misdeeds from ruining his marriage and the life of her beloved nieces. Despite all his desperate efforts, Baron Zaggry has never discovered why his Sherfantasy broke their engagement. Now, his ruse successful, Sheridan is finally his, his slave lover. He has ten years worth of denied pleasures to make up for, to savor however he erotic chooses.[Erotic Fantasy Romance,OtherWorld, Aristocratic Intrigue: Contains graphic sexual content and adult language.]
eBook Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc., Published: 2008, 2008
"5 Stars: Gryphiz is a world two dimensions from Earth. The people evolved differently from those on Earth. Their stamina and sexual ability increased. When Lady Sheridan saw her betrothed, Baron Zaggy, betray her, she ended the relationship without ever telling anyone why. Ten years later her brother, Brad, begged her help. He owed money to the Baron and needed more time. Regardless of her feelings she agreed to approach him on the subject of the loan. Zag agreed to forgive the debt if she would be his slave lover for one year. He would also help her with her project of a riding stable for children. She agreed. He needed her help to stop a corporation from possessing the Vettura lands and destroying the world as they knew it. Zag hoped to win back her love during that year. All Shades of Blue Paradise is part one of this series. Savanna Kougar is a talented author. The plot is extremely steamy. I would not mind being a slave lover for a year or maybe 20. Kougar has created a completely new world and culture. The characters are well-matched. Sheridan is strong and very sensual. Zag is incredibly sexy, dominating, and loving. Fans of erotic romance will enjoy All Shades of Blue Paradise: World of the Blue Pearl Moon." --Debra, Review Your Book

148 Pages ~ Fantasy Romance
"This story is very erotic and sensual, with a ferocious carnal appetite that can never be appeased. The syntax is extraordinary, and flows with an almost poetic feel. I do feel, however, that the constant sexual pleasures are somewhat overpowering to the plot line of the story. This being said, I very much want to read Part II, the continuation of Sheridan and Zag’s story. Ms. Kougar has an amazing way with words that very few authors could pull off, and she does so brilliantly."
Lototy ~ Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Excerpt: Romance Rebel Ship ~ romancerebelship.blogspot.com
Sizzle excerpt link: http://www.sirenpublishing.com/savannakougar/asobp.asp

Kick-Ass Lioness ~ Watch out if yer a bad kitty shifter
Meet Sun Rocket Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan & Captain Draxen Z of the Venture
If yer partial to a futuristic adventurous romp of lust and love on the high celestial seas of space...if you have a yen for those cat shifter types, lament no longer...
Year 3051, the Earth calendar used on Terra-Mars, a terra-formed moon orbiting Mars, and home of the heroine, Sun Rocket.
eBook Category: Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: What does a lioness shifter do when she's suddenly trapped in an unknown space cruiser's cargo hold? Then, despite her ability to savagely defend herself she's trapped beneath the handsome human Captain. And next, cat-scratching ridiculously, she finds herself carnal-trapped, and meow yowl! bound by leather straps in his bed? Answer: She fights tooth and claw. Problem: The loner Captain is nova-hot at seducing her.
eBook Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books, Published: 2008
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2008
See what Mrs. Giggles of Mrs. Giggles Reviews is saying about this hot, sexy, erotic romance book. . .
"I believe that if you have a fondness for stories that aren't afraid to be deliberately campy and cheesy, this one may find a home on your hard drive, right next to your dubiously-obtained complete series of the original Battlestar Galactica, Jason Of The Star Command, and Buck Rogers In The 25th Century TV series.Rating: 84
Joyfully Reviewed by Lisa
Review snippet:
"Red Lioness Tamed sizzles with sexual chemistry between this very hot alpha couple, Sun Rocket and Draxen. An imaginative plot and some light bondage give readers an exciting story.
Hot physical attraction, space pirates, old enemies and a hidden identity make for one wild trip through the stars."
For the full review ~
A big thanks to Vivien Dean who found this review ~ viviendean.com ~ Check her website for her newest release: As It Should Be
First Chapter excerpt & info:
Excerpt: Romance Rebel Ship ~ romancerebelship.blogspot.com
Happy Summer Reading! Kisses from the Kougar...
Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ savannakougar.com
Red Lioness Tamed ~ spicy sci fi available from Liquid Silver Books, Molten Silver ~ liquidsilverbooks.com ~ Untamed lioness lost in space
All Shades of Blue Paradise [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book I] ~ aristocratic fantasy available from Siren Publishing ~ sirenpublishing.com ~ Which seductive shade of blue are you?
Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil [World of the Blue Pearl Moon, Book II] ~ aristocratic fantasy coming from Siren Publishing
Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ stallion shifter adventure coming from Aspen Mountain Press
When a Good Angel Falls ~ 2012 angelic fantasy coming from Siren-BookStrand summer 2008
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis ~ futuristic coming from Siren-BookStrand

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Sapphire Phelan Here

Hi, Sapphire Phelan here. I write for Phaze Books and have one sensual historical fantasy romance short, Wedded Magic, published by Love You Divine. Later this month, on July 28th, my novella, Beast Magic, will come out in print in the Shifting Desires Anthology by Phaze Books, along with Cat's Claw by Jude Mason and Purr for Me by Skylar Sinclair. I can't wait, and as you can see the book cover with this blog, how gorgeous that is.
For more on me check my website at http://fantasticdreams.50megs.com/ and my myspace site at www.myspace.com/SapphirePhelan.
Sapphire Phelan