Monday, July 6, 2009

Eternal Press New July Release: A Touch of Scarlet

A Touch of Scarlet by Jessica McHugh
Fantasy/Horror, 25,963 Words
$ US
Heat Rating: 1 Flame
Cover Art © 2009 by DawnĂ© Dominique
Edited by Foery K. MacDonell
Copyedited by Adrienne Morris
Layout and Book Production by Ally Robertson
eBook ISBN: 978-1-926704-20-3
Print ISBN: 978-1-926704-29-6

Medium level violence
Adult themes
Implied child molestation


Scout never expected to wake up one day with a power that allowed her to jump into other worlds. She never expected God to tell her that she was special and destined for greatness. But most of all, she never expected to learn that her life as she knew it was fabricated to hide the dark secret of her true identity.
Provocative and enthralling, A Touch of Scarlet invites you into a world beyond good and evil where the truth is merely a matter of opinion.


“I hold more emotion in this small body than any other being ever has. My mind is broken, not into two equal sides of good and evil but into many factions of grey. You think you know me. You think you can control me because I am yours. Well, I am not yours anymore. I belong to the aspirations of man. I am what they long to be. Before the end, you should know and accept that.”
“I cannot. I want you to be as you were born to be; I still see the good in you, Scout.”
“The good is there, for sure, but there is a stronger force within me; one that exceeds all others,” I replied.
“You’re trying to be proud, but I feel the struggle within you. The bits I created anew are trying to break free. I know you have regret because I can feel your sorrow. You know what you did was wrong.”
“The only sorrow I know comes from residue of realization that the good of my life was a lie,” I responded.
“It's not true. You're not damned, Scout. I can save you.”
“I’m beyond salvation, and even if I weren't, I would not accept your aid.”
“I am not the one who is trying to hurt you,” she said.“It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what your intentions were; there’s no way to go back. We both need to live with the fact that you put me together wrong, and that because of it, I am the most magnificent being in all creation.”

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