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Fire Demon & Feathered Flashes

Paranormal lovers, I thought I’d share this pic and comments from the Coast-to-Coastam website.
I took this picture at a wildfire in Vail, OR in August of 2007. My engine boss and I walked up the hill to greet the fire as it crept down toward the farmer's corral that our engine was assigned to protect. We were feeling the heat as this large juniper tree torched at the bottom of the draw. We stood less than 100 feet downhill when I snapped this picture. The flames were at least 80 feet high. As soon as I took the pic, I saw on my little screen this horned beast of the Nagual realm. His hand is outstretched toward me. He has the head of an elk, and it looks like he has some kind of satchel over his shoulder. I haven't ever seen a figure in fire as clear as in this photo, and it hasn't been edited in any way.
--David M Konyndyk

And for all of you who love the paranormal shifter genre, this is for you.
In honor of Celia Kyle's feather flash day at Liquid Silver's SEx blog ~ ~

Feathered Wings of Fire
by Savanna Kougar

Scrambling quickly up the small pile of red desert boulders, she shielded her eyes from the midday sun with one hand. Fascinated, she peered at the immense dark shape in the sky, unable to tell if it was a small plane or a humongous bird. Staring for all she was worth at the odd-looking shape, whatever it was, maybe even some kind of UFO, her breath hitched when it banked suddenly, then powerfully glided over the parched landscape. Wings, definitely giant feathered wings. Her breath jerked again and her heart drummed with wild elation. Probably just an enormous buzzard, though.
Still, a tiny, tiny thump of hope tingled in her breast as the magnificent bird grew larger, and seemed to head in her direction. Crouching, she fumbled for her camcorder inside her stuffed backpack, but no go, unless she was willing to take her gaze off the...mygawd! She straightened, sucked in a big fat breath, then forgot to breathe. Thunderbird, echoed in her mind. Thunderbird, it banged around like a large bouncing rock falling into a canyon. Thunderbirds, like the ones talked about on late night radio, the crypto sightings, the American Indian myths, the 1800's picture she’d Googled.
Like the one sighted in Alaska flying beside a Cessna. Of course, the pilot and passengers had freaked out huge time. "God, I hope so. I hope it’s a Thunderbird," she whispered, thinking if she spoke too loudly, it would frighten the legendary creature away. As the ginorous eagle-looking bird sailed closer and closer, her blood sang with excitement while trepidation curled her toes. "It could want dinner," she murmured, remembering the tales of monstrous nests containing human bones. Still, she stood her ground on top of the sun-baked boulder, and waited, greedily searching for every detail she could observe.
Brown mahogany, the giant wing feathers gleamed beneath the sun. Looking translucent, the tip edges shimmered with gold. As he flew closer his flight feathers streamed a golden flame of light. He. The ginormous eagle had to be a ‘he’. Sailing beneath the sun, he obstructed her view of the sky, and darkened the land around her with his shadow. Mesmerized, she watched his entire body glisten gold as if an ancient sky goddess poured gold dust over his dark feathers. Stunned by his sheer size, his incomparable glorious beauty, still, she couldn’t make herself believe he was a hallucination.
Aware her own body entered a state of paralysis, she did not care. Shifting his flight pattern, the Thunderbird creature rose, flying higher. Her heart nearly stopped, stabbed by raw disappointment. Come back, she desperately whispered inside her mind. Majestically he circled directly above her, catching inside his shadow as he languidly spiraled higher. She concentrated, memorizing his every winging movement. "Omygawd." Her throat closed in awe at what she witnessed. He sparkled with a fiery aurora of colors as he flew in slow motion. His entire body. Unable to take it all in, she dropped her hand, and blinked.
Then she shut her eyes. Forcing them wide again, she gasped, her breath ripping from her lungs. His tail feathers blazed, rainbows of fire flowing, jets of amazing color that put the brightness of the sky to shame. Thinking, Firebird....she felt her body fall backwards. Her mind blanked. When she emerged back into awareness, she felt strong arms around her. Incredibly strong arms. She blinked, daring her own eyes to open. Starting violently, she wondered how the strange gorgeous man held onto her. "You are here. As we previously arranged." His unique bold voice fire-stormed over her senses. "What?"

Feathery kiss from the Kougar...

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