Sunday, July 6, 2008

Without Camouflage - FREE PDF

In my latest newsletter, I offered a free PDF to subscribers. I've decided that I'd like to offer it to some of the groups I belong to as well. The free e-book I'm offering is called Without Camouflage.

Genre: magic realism

Length: about 4,000 words

BLURB: Fran's on the run from a murderous ex-husband. Securing herself in a mountain cabin, she makes friends with her neighbor, Charlotte, a nature artist. Charlotte relays some Native American legends and leaves Fran one of her paintings as a gift, but when Fran's ex finds her, it takes more than a legend to save her life.

If you'd like a copy of Without Camouflage, just send an email to fbicknellbrown@ (close the space) and put FREE PDF in the subject. I will email a copy of the story to you. The lovely Jambrea of my Avoid Writers' Hell group ( created a cover for it on very short notice. Thank you so much Jambrea! If you'd like to visit her, the ebook includes her info.

Also, I hope that some of you will sign up for my newsletter. I'll be offering free reads, excerpts, and contests, but I work very hard at publishing material in it that is unique from the traditional newsletters. Here's the link:

NOTE: Be sure to set your membership to individual emails and to set your email to allow html coding should you like to see the graphics included in it.

Summer blessings going your way,

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