Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vote for To Teach an Ancient God as Best Smooch at Ectaromance.Com

Last month Catanetwork posted over 25 wonderful Kiss Excerpts at Now it's up to YOU to decide which smooch excerpt is the best of the best. The winning excerpt will be crowned our Smooch Winner so it's important that you come out in droves and vote. Mine is To Teach an Ancient God (they forgot my name with it).
Super easy:
The poll is in the right column.Here is that excerpt:
"Who are you?" Jenna asked. "And where am I?"
The figure flicked the burning butt into the dark water lapping at the barge and stood up. "I'm Charon. And I'm in charge of this barge that takes those who died down the River Styx here. You're near the gates of the Underworld."
"Yep, the Underworld. You know, where Hades hangs his hat. If he wore a hat."
She shook her head. "Okay, I'm still asleep and dreaming. Did I watch some episode of Hercules last night to cause this dream?"
"Nope, girlie-girl," said Charon with a wide grin. "Hades has been waiting a thousand years for you. Ever since old Zeus zapped you out of his arms while you were both doing the wild thing. Thanks to your mother, the head honcho of Olympus sent you off into the future to be born in some mortal body." He shrugged. "Too bad it's such a pitiful one. From goddess to geek.
"The snorting and neighing of horses filled the air suddenly and they both whipped around. A handsome man with pale skin, black eyes and long, midnight hair that flowed over his shoulders like smoke halted a black and silver chariot pulled by a matching pair of pitch-black stallions. The horses, almost blending with the darkness, had eyes that glowed red like the dying embers of a fire. They stamped and snorted until he laid a touch on each one. Then they stood still like statues.
"Do not insult my beloved, Charon." A frown appeared on his dark angel face.
Charon sat back down. "Oh hi, boss. Sorry about the pitiful body part. Same about the geek thing. But Persephone sure isn't the same as she was before. Sure you still want her? I mean, Aphrodite is interested in you and boy, that goddess is well stacked!"
Jenna frowned. "Excuse me, but what are you talking about? I am not Persephone. I'm just plain old Jenna Krinard from Nebraska. Can I wake up from this nightmare now?"
Dark amusement glinted in Hades' eyes. "Nightmare? Beloved, this is no dream." He stepped down from the chariot. "And neither is this a dream." He pulled her into his arms and captured her lips with his, moving against them with hard, seductive intensity.
His tongue thrust past her lips to enter her mouth. It dueled with hers, flicking and caressing the inside of her mouth. It felt real. All too real. She thought she must be drunk, as if she'd swallowed too much wine. Boneless, she felt ready to fall down, except she didn't, due to the dark young god who held her body tightly fitted against his. He was all hard muscles and power, even down to the hardness nudging her hip.
He let her go. "Now, tell me again that all this is a dream." His dark gaze locked with hers. "That I am a dream."
Jenna's felt strange, electrified. Her breathing moved in and out, in short rasps. She reached up and touched her lips, which felt swollen because the god who ruled the Underworld had made them so. She shivered, but not from the cold air."
Oh God," she moaned.
"Yes, my beloved, which I am. Though I prefer Hades on your sweet lips."

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